Story keys here… read all about it

Bruce Springsteen said: “The artist’s job is to make other people care about your obsessions and to see them and experience them as their own. Finding your passion is one of the keys to writing your story.”

Some writers ist’s job is to make other peo nature. You might like solitude or (even) timing yourself to do your regular writing practice at a desk’.

You might use pencil and paper on the pages of your moleskin notebook, or an electronic notebook or computer. You may be soothed by Beethoven or the beating rhythms of Death Metal at piercing decibels.

At Editing in Paradise writing workshops and editing workshops, we’ll get you to shake it up a little. Try different ways of writing. We’ll encourage you to hang upside down if that writing. workshops, we’ll get you to sem and experience them as their own. Finding your pa… and then some!

Having a small group of supportive and enthusiastic fellow writers makes a difference. This is what writing and editing in this environment can offer: the sheer delight of knowing you can safely test your ideas on your supportive peers.

Not to be too disparaging about your peers, but… “The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shock-proof shit detector. — Ernest Hemingway.