It’s time … Write all about it …

“I am so glad I made the decision to come. It was brilliantly organised. … so much more than I would have expected to get from one week’s workshop. We worked hard, and I personally think I achieved much with the help of this enthusiastic and encouraging team.” Christine Eyres, Australia

“Couldn’t have been better! We covered so much and the time was split so appropriately… I particularly gained from the work done on showing and not telling…oh, and character! A dream come to reality. I love you both! ” Helen Kinny-Lewis, Bali

Editing in Paradise has designed creative writing and editing courses for all writers: the seasoned and the not-so-seasoned.

Life Writing & Memoir and Write, Edit — Breakthrough workshops are held in the cradle of stimulating, enchanting Bali. The island still offers the  majestic environment  it always has. And now, it offers an even more diverse and explosive array of the traditional, cultural rituals and modern technology at its best. It’s a kaleidoscope for senses and  emotions. Join us and there’s no way you can not be creative in Bali!

Our passion for teaching the craft of writing and editing simultaneously makes for a lot of creative fun and also a lot of dedicated writing time. All participants will work  on current projects as well as produce real time new writing or ideas. We have the alchemy to add poetry to your prose, find the poetry in the ordinary and slap down the ‘unnecessary’ poetry (kill your darlings).

You’ll learn to lose the passages with melodrama; and keep those with true, fresh, emotion. You’ll find when to place dialogue instead of an over flowery, lofty, inelegant and over-wordy piece of prose. [NOTE to self: so many adjectives, really?]  In short, being immersed in the writing and editing processes with published industry mentors is a surefire means for masses of creative writing or creative editing.

From the moment the first writers arrive in the beautiful setting of Villa Sekala, a small hub of support is formed. We begin to hear their stories and find out a bit of why they’re here and what they’d like to work on. As more writers arrive and time unfurls a hub becomes a small family. Each time, the family constellation forms astoundingly quickly. We establish safety, friendliness and trust as our main pillars — many participants are a little nervous about what they’ll be doing; or who they’ll meet (inside themselves as well as other people!).

You’ll have unfettered time as well as the more guided sessions, with the full support of mentors and fellow writers. It’s a rare indulgence that writers need if they are to produce polished work or, indeed, hatch and develop a great idea. We find time for a few indulgences that you might not necessarily need: massages, amazing food, ocean swims, dinner with wine revelry. After your extensive productivity you may want to sample a few of them.

Of course polished manuscripts don’t just magically arrive. That’s where the work and daily practice comes in. The packed writing and editing sessions of varying content allow the inspiration and relaxation that invariably produces gems. We believe in the adage, 1% inspiration; 99% perspiration. Actually, that’s not true.

We are more 20% inspiration and creative expression and 80% dedication. Yes, that feels much more like the Editing in Paradise team. We have helped so many inspired writers learn even more about the craft of writing and editing for publication.

We are very aware that there is a colossal difference between private writing and public writing. Even memoir, the most private and personal of stories, is a magnificent, exquisite contrivance. Amen!

Please have a look at the writing workshop descriptions here on the web. We encourage you to also speak with us directly so we can answer your questions. We want to be able to reassure you that Editing in Paradise is perfect for you — it keeps us all on the same pages.

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