What is flow?


We believe that a holistic approach to writing is paramount. This will vary from writer to writer but for the Editing in Paradise programs, it simply means getting the measure of what works for you. You’ll need to balance a few things: hard work and musing; finessing each word and letting the writing flow as it may.

Then, each day, ask how  you create your individual flow. We don’t prefer or judge any one way. If it means burning the midnight oil with a few drams of Scotch whisky, or taking long walks with your notebook or recorder, or writing before the sunrise and before your first yoga class — we support you. Our belief is that whatever helps you write (within reason) can’t be all bad.

We’ve found that practicing mindfulness and a quiet exploration of your inner emotional landscape is a tremendous boost to the writing practice and increases your flow and writing productivity. Each day there are activities promoting that level of attention.

During the workshops we’ll examine what allows, even promotes, your writing flow. And, importantly, we’ll help you shed light on what impedes this rhythm. Your unique flow is the set up before you can actually begin to download ideas.

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