Welcome. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questionsabout the Editing in Paradise programs.

First though, think about where you are with your writing now. You may be writing fiction, or non-fiction, a memoir or a poem; short stories or essays.
For any of those pieces, you may be just starting out, be stuck halfway through or be tantalisingly close to finishing your manuscript. Perhaps you’ve done your final draft and need direction to take the next step and get it ready to publish…

Maybe you’ve lost the way altogether (or have written so many drafts you’ve lost the will to live!). In every case, Editing in Paradise can help you take your writing further.

The Editing in Paradise programs have expanded, since we began in 2009 with the EIP Masterclass. We now offer even more writing programs  — Life Writing & Memoir and Write, Edit — Breakthrough. These will each provide the  support to create afresh, as well as finesse work already in draft form.

Q Who do we have guiding the EIP retreats and programs?
A In 2009, when it began, it was Shelley and Selena — who between them have worked in publishing for over 39 years. They’ve edited hundreds of books and worked with and mentored a vast number of award winning authors including Lisa Heidke, David Leser (To Begin to Know), Annah Faulkner (The Beloved), Gabriel Farago (The Empress Holds the Key, The Disappearance of Ana Popov), Kathryn Lyster (The Inevitability of Stars), Peter Macinnis (Monster Maintenance Manual, The Lawn), Glen Short (An Odd Odyssey, Anne Geddes (A life in pictures), Janine Macdonald, (Shelley) and Kirsty Eagar, Candice Bruce, Richard Harland, Nathan Burrage, Annarosa Berman (Selena).
Shelley has a particular interest in memoir and literary fiction and non-fiction (humanities, education, health, social policy).

In 2011, we were delighted that Paul C. Pritchard joined us for the Bali retreats. He is a phenomenally skilled writer, poet and group facilitator.
All the presenters have worked in-house and as freelancers and, for the past few years, have begun presenting their unique (and successful) blend of writing and self-editing techniques for writers in Australia and, at Editing in Paradise, internationally.
All our presenters are passionate about words… about the world of writing, books, ideas… different forms of publishing (traditional, ebooks ..the lot!) and writing (short story, poetry, spoken word). The whole, glorious lot.

Q Will the presenters give feedback on my work?
A Yes. That’s one of the greatest strengths of EIP and the unique way it’s structured. In one-on-one sessions, not only will we teach you how to edit part of the work yourself, we will provide feedback on strengths and weaknesses, structure and more. Plus, we will coach you, give you all the tips, techniques and information you need to identify the right markets as well as develop your ability to pitch for publication.

Q I’m writing a memoir. Which would be the best program to do?
The Life Writing & Memoir program is, as it suggests, the right choice. It’s an intense 2.5 day program that takes you through the writing choices you need to make when you’re conveying the story of a ‘real’ life. You’ll learn what to  include and what to avoid. You’ll be guided to navigate the boundary of ethical questions when writing about sensitive topics. And more. See our Retreats page for more detail.

Q Do I have to read my work out to the group?
A Not if you don’t want to. During group sessions, you may read out pieces resulting from the tailored exercises, if you wish. It’s entirely at your discretion. There is no formal group critique or workshopping but there’s room for that to grow from the group — just one of the bonuses of a small community of writers.
The programs are about your relationship with your writing, and getting the benefit of multi-faceted guidance from professional editors to help you realise its potential.

Q How much of the program is group time?
A That’s up to you. We’ve designed the EIP programs to maximise your individual time with your writing, while still providing the guidance to make it productive. The Masterclass and Write, Edit — Breakthrough daily programs include group masterclass sessions (tips and tools) in the mornings, and an after-dinner evening session focussed on self-editing exercises. Each afternoon we encourage you to spend time writing or in one-on-one consultations with the presenters. If you just want every minute to write, write, write, that’s fine — the group sessions are not compulsory. You will have the support and freedom you need to go with your own writing flow.

Q Why would I come to the retreat when I can pay for an editor and have their undivided attention?
A Editing in Paradise offers you the best of both worlds. If you’re joining us for the Masterclass, it will be 6 days of in-depth and focussed editorial support and guidance from us, having reading your ms (much more than just the few chapters or even pages as some publishers or agents might if you just submitted ‘cold’). Plus you get the luxury of time and space to develop your relationship with your writing.
Joining the  Editing in Paradise programs will give you the benefit of experienced and savvy professional editors. We’re working with you hand-in-hand as you write and as you edit. These are not distant consultations.

Q What is Editing in Paradise masterclass?
Editing in Paradise Masterclass is a 6-day self-editing masterclass retreat, designed to kick-start the writer’s own editing process, to guide writers wanting to take their written manuscripts to the next stage and increase their chance of publishing success. EIP works for all genres.

Q Do I need a completed draft of my manuscript for the EIP masterclass?
A Actually, you don’t. You do, though, need a manuscript that is developed to the point where you have some idea of your intention, style, plot, etc. You need to bring a hard copy of the manuscript with you (if you write on a laptop, bring both). You may want to bring any reports, appraisals or rejection letters too; we’d be happy to help you understand where or how to apply the feedback (including that tricky instruction ‘Show, don’t tell’!).
We will read your manuscript in advance of the retreats. That way, you’re getting focussed attention and guidance on your particular strengths and weaknesses.

Q Who keeps the copyright? What about intellectual property?
A We have no rights to your work. Unless you have signed a contract giving another party rights to your work, you hold copyright. That should be the case when you get published, too. Your contract is a license for the publisher to produce your work but you retain copyright.
We’re not copyright lawyers but we can give you guidance on a lot of the intellectual property considerations you have when you create a work. And point you in the right direction to find out those things we can’t help with.

Q Will we have access to literary agents through doing the programs?
A We know lots of publishers, the lists they’re creating, and the agents who can get through to publishers. Though we cannot guarantee you access to agents and publishers, we can guarantee that you will equip yourself with the editorial eye, tips and techniques to develop your work to get there.
We believe there’s no point pitching to a publisher or agent before the manuscript is ready to succeed, but we’ll help set your direction for that goal.

Q What can I do to prepare myself for the programs?
A Get yourself ready to really dive into the world of your manuscript and the world of editing it. That might involve reading books on writing; it may involve just relaxing and trusting that this will be a very intense and productive time in which you are free to have undistracted time. There’s enough time for work; there’s enough time for reflection and rejuvenation; there’s plenty of inspiration.

Q Can I bring friends or family to any of the EIP programs?
A With notice, we can arrange for the EIP program to be part of a longer stay at any of the locations (Bali is blissful and you wouldn’t be the first to be tempted!) but the program is intensive and part of it is to make space in your life to focus on your writing, away from distractions.

Q Will my laptop connection work in all the venues?
A All the accommodation provided has secure electrical connections and facilities for wi-fi. You will have individual writing space as well as a common, comfortable, well appointed meeting room with air-conditioning or heating as needed (KV and fireside sessions… mmm, bliss.)

Q How was Editing in Paradise born?
A  Editing in Paradise is the brainchild of prominent editor Shelley Kenigsberg. She and editor and author, Selena Hanet-Hutchins, developed the retreat programs and workshops, as a way of combining their love of working with authors and stories, and, of course, travel and being in blissful places.


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