Here’s what past Editing in Paradise participants have to say:



If you’re serious about publishing, and want to make your book a reality, Editing in Paradise is for you! It was the ideal getaway for someone interested in developing a manuscript for publication but also wanting to relax and get away from everyday life. The beautiful garden setting of Villa Sekala not only provided inspiration but fostered creativity and interesting exchanges with the other writers. So much was achieved in the week-long program! Impossible to do on one’s own.   Melina Mallos, Brisbane

Couldn’t have been better! The whole week was great. We covered so much and the time was split so appropriately… I particularly gained from the work done on showing and not telling…oh, and character! A dream come to reality.   Helen Kinny-Lewis, Bali

This was so much more than ‘just’ editing. It was fantastic and I absolutely loved all the great reference material you provided. And the accommodation and food — don’t change a thing. Thanks so much for a wonderful week. What a journey!  Fabian Winiger, Oxford

I’ve made great strides in the past week…it’s all thanks to your input, your guidance your suggestions and careful understanding, and above all, your positive reinforcement all the time. I noticed! I’m harnessed to the muse, not the other way round…and it’s wonderful. Jennifer Friedman, Sydney

Shelley’s and Selena’s skills and knowledge of editing are well matched by their passion for writing and story-telling, plus their ability to work with and understand people. No-one could spend time with either of them without learning an enormous amount about the craft of writing. David Macfarlane, Australia (Building Paradise, Wakefield Press, 2012)

I am so glad I made the decision to come. It was brilliantly organised. So much more than I would have expected to get from one week’s workshop. We worked hard, and I personally think I achieved much with the help of this enthusiastic and encouraging team. Christine Eyres, The White Apron, 2013, Australia

Utterly professional in the judgements of our work and so structured in their advice. To have so much encouragement has put wind in my sails. Now I really feel I can make it to the end.  Mark Lang, Byron Bay

It is rare to come home and describe a short trip to friends as “life-changing”, but that’s exactly what I did when I returned from Bali.  In one hot, intensive week, I discovered what my real writing strengths and weaknesses were – things clicked into place, and I worked harder and with more focus than I have in a very long time. It was hard to leave when I’d spent each day showering under the palms of a banana tree and eating delicious food every night amongst lantern-dressed palm trees with the sea gently lapping at the shore as we all laughed and shared stories long into the night. And yet, I was actually excited about going home, because I now had a plan and I couldn’t wait to get on with it. Inspiring.  Stephanie Goldberg, UK

If you can get a cranky resister like me to do that bloody time line then I think you can make peace in the Middle East! I’m on chapter eight and see it should be chapter nine (too much crammed into one chapter). It is sooooo interesting to watch this process work in my body and mind […] As you can see I’m into it! And another book […] is waiting for my attention. I am happy in a way that is hard to describe. I like spending time with my characters. Nothing beats a good writing session. Thank you.  Uma Anyar, Indonesia

My mission was to learn to edit my book, gain feedback and spend time in the company of experienced editors and writers. From day 1, the mission became an inspired journey with every moment leading to exciting ideas, new skills and fresh insights into all aspects of my manuscript. Shelley created an environment that was not only productive, but encouraging, enlightening and fun (at times hilariously so). A writer couldn’t want for much more than a stunning location, uninterrupted writing time and editors on hand. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Nicole West, The Gypsy Trail, Gold Coast


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